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From Heart To Hand

Crafted in the mountain studios of New Mexico artist Robert Medina Cook, many of the elements used in the creation of each artwork offered here are gathered locally from Robert’s mountain homestead. All artworks are signed, titled, and dated… Robert’s personal guarantee that every artwork is a unique, mindful creation.

Elements and features include:

  • Rusted tin aged by the high mountain elements.
  • Cracked Plaster on Wood
  • Original images hand-tinted with organic earth pigments.
  • Hand torn edges adding a unique, personal touch.
  • Rustic beads strung with intention
  • Hand cut stone bases.
  • Fire scorched woods from forest fires past.
  • Surfaces sealed with locally gathered beeswax.

The Old Ones would say-

“There are songs in the wind-

Dance to them in your own way!”

Each artwork I create is my humble way…

Of honoring the songs….

and dancing my own authentic dance.

Robert Medina Cook



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Robert Medina Cook
(505) 384-3276

Mailing Address:
PO Box 312
Torreon, NM 87061

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