Stands Tall I (SQ)



A blend of original imagery, aged punched tin, rustic beads and fire scarred wood.
Handmade in New Mexico.

Image Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ or 6″ x 6″
Original Archival Print w/ hand torn edges
Image is hand tinted with earth pigments
Mounted on 1/4″ wood backing
Hung with hand strung beads or aged punched tin header
Ready to Display- Rustic nail supplied for hanging
Signed, titled, dated on back

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Overall Dimensions (Space filled on Wall)

W/Beads & Stick
Small- 8"w x10"h
Medium- 10"w x12"h
Small 4.25"w x 8.5"h
Medium 6.25"w x 10.5"h